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How to Watch the 2017 World Series Without Cable for FREE

The 2017 World Series which features the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers begins on October 24. The game will be televised by FOX and will be available over the air and via streaming.

Its Dodgers vs Astros in the 2017 World Series

For cord cutters that have an over the air antenna capable of receiving your local FOX network, you are in luck. Just tune your TV to your local FOX station at 6:09 Eastern on October 24 and you’re all set to watch game 1 live from Dodger stadium in Los Angeles, California.

For cord cutters that do not have an over the air antenna, there’s still time to pick one up. Head over to the website to find out which stations you can receive then come back here for our recommendations.

If the site says that all of your favorite stations are in the green or yellow category, you can get by with an indoor antenna. Our current top pic for the best bang for your buck indoor antenna is the Amazon Basics Ultra Thin Indoor Antenna.

indoor hdtv antenna
Amazon Basics Ultra Thin Indoor Antenna

If the site says that your stations or anything other than green or yellow (for example, red or blue), then you will need an attic or roof mounted antenna. Our top pick for an outdoor or attic mount antenna is the AntennaCraft HDX1000.

AntennaCraft HDX1000

Once you have your antenna, plug it into your TV and do a channel scan. Alternately if you have an Apple TV and you want to integrate your local channels into your home screen, you can grab an HDHomeRun and the excellent Channels App for Apple TV,

The Channels app is by far one of the best Apple TV apps you will find. I’ve used it since Fall 2016 and I can attest that the developer’s are committed to constantly updating and improving the software.

HDHomeRun Over The Air Tuner