DOJ Seeks to Curb AT&T’s Enthusiasm. $5 HBO on the Chopping Block?

Can AT&T continue to offer significantly discounted HBO without a Time Warner takeover?

Will DOJ Curb AT&T’s Enthusiasm?

As we reported earlier, the DOJ is expected to announce today its plans to sue AT&T to block its takeover of Time Warner. As Streambuzz readers know, AT&T has been offering DIRECTV NOW subscribers a generous discount on HBO, especially when compared to rival services Sling, Hulu and Playstation Vue.

DIRECTV NOW currently offers the lowest price available anywhere for HBO access. Subscribers to rival streaming providers currently pay $15 for monthly access to HBO. In addition, consumers who purchase the service directly from HBO, in the form of HBO Now, are also charged $15 per month.

The appeal of $5 HBO has no doubt swayed many towards the DIRECTV NOW service over rival streaming providers. Now that the Time Warner takeover is in jeopardy, what does it mean for the future of $5 HBO?

Will AT&T increase the price in reaction to the lawsuit or as a wedge issue to sway consumers to support its cause in the DOJ suit? Can it continue to subsidize HBO, the premium content network that ranked in the top 5 of all streaming services for 2017?

What do you think? Will $5 HBO continue now that the deal is facing litigation? Share your thoughts in the comments below:

  • I sure hope I’m wrong about this. I’ve been one of the beneficiaries of the $5 HBO offer since I’ve been on DIRECTV NOW.