Hollywood Giants Sue Kodi-powered “TickBox TV” Over Piracy

A group of Hollywood heavyweights including Netflix, Amazon and Several major studios have filed suit against the developer of the Kodi based “TickBox TV” alleging that it encourages piracy of copyrighted content.

Surprisingly, this is a “first of its kind” lawsuit in the US.

As more of the content we consume is converted to digital formats conveniently delivered to consumers over wired and wireless networks, we have been hearing more and more about devices and services that consume or map out this content and serve it to anyone willing to pay a small fee for it.

It becomes even more problematic when the makers of these rogue devices actually tout the fact that they are providing piracy tools for next to nothing in expense.

TickBox is located in Georgia. The company’s devices use the Kodi media player and come with instructions on how to add various add-ons.

In the complaint filed in a California federal court on Monday, Universal, Columbia Pictures, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Amazon, and Netflix accuse Tickbox of inducing and contributing to copyright infringement.

“TickBox sells ‘TickBox TV,’ a computer hardware device that TickBox urges its customers to use as a tool for the mass infringement of Plaintiffs’ copyrighted motion pictures and television shows,” the complaint, picked up by THR, reads.

While the device itself does not host any infringing content, users are informed where they can find it.

Source: TorrentFreak