Streaming TV Services Device Support Comparison

Comparison of Device Support for all Streaming Services.

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  • NCAviator

    Not sure how you are going to do it. My Samsung TV (2016) has the Youtube TV and Sling TV APP. If you have a 2017; the Hulu APP has the LIVE support.

    • I’ll add the Samsung TV and qualify the support in the comments for each service on that device.

  • NCAviator

    You should add the Nvidia Shield as well. Probably add Android TV boxes too.

    • Good suggestion. I’ve added it. Best I can tell, its currently only supported via app access on Sling, Vue and Youtube TV.

  • RBear💩🌳🌲🌳🌲

    not sure why I’m unable to add comments to disqus on the Live Locals page but I cannot- so am adding a request here:

    could you add a legend to identify the logo’s for each network available?


    • Done. What is the error you see when trying to make comments in that page?

    • I found and fixed the issue with the comments editor. All good now. Thanks for the heads up!