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Live Locals for Streaming Services

Hulu adds 6 more locals, now totaling 498 to increase lead over YouTubeTV (302), DIRECTV NOW (219) and PSVue (203)

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  • Updated November 1, 2017 > Correction no NBC yet for Grand Rapids – Kalamazoo. Added Birmingham WVTM NBC 13 for DIRECTV NOW

  • NCAviator

    Youtube TV in Greenville, Spartanburg, Asheville just added ABC (WLOS)

  • NCAviator

    How about keeping a list of which services have cross licenses with which channels so you can log in to their APPs. Also which devices have which services and APP channels to include Smart TVs.

  • Michael Pedder

    KOKH Fox 25 is Live in Oklahoma City

    • Thanks Michael! the spreadsheet has been updated to reflect the addition.

  • a3vr

    Youtube as all 4 major networks in Kansas City

  • SuperClete

    For Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo/Battle Creek: YouTube TV has local CBS (WWMT 3, Kalamazoo) and ABC (WOTV 4/41, Battle Creek). Interestingly, WOTV airs the local news from NBC sister station (WOOD 8, Grand Rapids) at 6 & 11.

  • Just updated for Youtube TV additions in Birmingham Alabama (CBS) and Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids Michigan (ABC and CBS)

  • Just updated Youtube TV added CBS to Greenville-Spartanberg who now have all 4 locals. Thanks to John Y for the tip!

  • UPDATE: I’ve just posted a similar spreadsheet of TV App logins for all streaming services. Check it here

  • Just updated the addition of DIRECTV NOW locals in Nashville (Fox), Charlotte (CBS), Jacksonville (CBS), Kansas City (CBS), and Wichita KS (ABC).
    Thanks to: @wildcatmo, @Chuckster_64, @disqus_Ip3G0Ah02j, @aaronquevedo, @disqus_o7PkfBJyWz

  • Joe in Virginia

    Hulu just added ABC in the Hampton Roads (Norfolk) VA market.

    • Thanks Joe. The sheet has been updated with the addition.

      • Bank On It

        Hulu added Fox 55 Champaign/Springfield/Decatur IL Market

        • Thanks. I’ve added the entry. Are you aware of any other locals for this market on any streaming services?

          • OhioState_614

            Currently that’s the only local available through any streaming service i’ll let you know if any other locals pop up I currently have Directv Now waiting patiently for my first local!

  • Just updated. Hulu Live just added ABC to Huntsville Alabama and Norfolk Virginia markets. This gives Hulu over 330 locals.

  • Kevin Hauschulz

    Some errors in the hartford listings, DTV NOW has cbs, NBC, fox, NOT ABC. YTTV has all 4 networks

  • Just updated with confirmed additions:
    · CBS-WGCL – Atlanta, GA
    · CBS-WVLT – Knoxville, TN
    · CBS-WHIO – Dayton, OH
    · FOX-WRGT – Dayton, OH
    · FOX-WVAH – Charleston-Huntington, WV
    · FOX-WTTE – Columbus, OH; Zanesville, OH
    · FOX-WLUK – Green Bay, WI
    · ABC-WTVQ – Lexington, KY
    · CBS-WKYT – Lexington, KY
    · NBC-WLEX – Lexington, KY

  • Just updated to add 32 local additions for Hulu Live.

  • Just updated for YouTube TV’s additions of over 150 locals. They now have over 300 locals, propelling them over Vue and DTVNow into 2nd place behind Hulu Live.

  • Just updated for PS Vue which added confirmed 17 NBC affiliates overnight, bringing their total to 213 overall and closing in on DIRECTV Now. If you are in a market that has a local station not on the sheet, please add a comment here or email me at for the add. Thanks!

  • Almost all the net gains PS Vue made yesterday with NBC affiliates were wiped out today with the loss of Tribune owned Fox affiliates in Denver, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Seattle, SLC, Kansas City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, San Diego, Sacramento, Hartford, Grand Rapids MI, Winston-Salem NC

  • OhioState_614

    Week NBC has been added to the Peoria/Bloomington IL Market on Hulu…you have a error on your Peoria-Bloomington listing it should be IL not IN

    • Fixed and repped. Thanks!

    • BTW, too bad we couldn’t both get in the Playoff. I’m in Bama.

      • OhioState_614

        Yea hopefully soon they go to a 8 team playoff

  • Just updated. @Hulu Adds 50 Local affiliates for 492 total. Increases lead over @YouTubeTV (302), @directvnow (219), #PSVue (203)

  • DISH Hopper Fanboy

    Would it be fair to list almost ALL of the local affiliates in the SlingTV column since you can integrate all of your local OTA channels into the guide of the AirTV Player w/OTA adaptor?. Customers would pay $0 dollars for local channels they can receive over the air.

    • Hi DHF, great nickname, btw! I love the fact that Sling has given subscribers the option to integrate locals into their program guide (via Air TV). But not all users will be able to take advantage for a variety of reasons. Stream+ is about to do something similar as well. All good for the consumer but ultimately, having locals included in the streaming package and with the ability to DVR content in the cloud is extremely useful.

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  • American

    You say that Hulu TV has Portland, Oregon CBS local. That’s not what Hulu says. Is that true?

    • Hi there, thanks for your comment but I’m only showing Fox on Hulu in Portland OR. Where you perhaps looking at something else?

  • Malignar

    DTVN now has Columbus OH CBS. It showed up last night 12/21/17.

  • john smith

    based on YouTube TV support Telemondo in 16 o and o markets like Hulu and Fox TV in Springfield Mo.

  • john smith

    you have 2 dma markets mixed up . market 43 is Harrisburg pa not Harrisonburg va which is market 177…….please review

  • john smith

    shouldn’t kasper wo be written as Casper WY?

    • +1 Good catch. Fixed. Thanks John.

      • OhioState_614

        We finally got are first local on directv now WCIA (CBS) Champaign-Decatur-Springfield IL market

        • +1 Updated and credited. Thanks. I feel for you guys. Not very much there in the way of locals for your DMA size at 86

      • OhioState_614

        Fox 55 Springfield IL just popped up too for Direct tv Now! Crazy 2 locals in one day

        • When you say “just popped up”, how did you discover it? Did you get an email or you just saw it show up in the guide?