Streaming TV Channel Lineups Compared

DIRECTV NOW, Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue and Philo are battling for your cord-cutting dollar. We compare their channel lineups.

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  • SuperClete

    This is very useful, especially with Sling since their own website (last time I checked) seems a bit difficult to follow.

    I noticed that some channels have blanks for each provider. Does that indicate you are currently researching those, or should those be interpreted as a No?

    • Thanks!. The blanks are for MTV Live and DIscovery Investigations. These are channels that I’ve only confirmed are on Philo. I’m researching the other streaming services to see if they are included.

      • S-P T

        Any chance you can allow export options for this doc?

      • SuperClete

        Here are some differences between what is listed and what I see on my YouTube TV in the Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo/Battle Creek region:

        I get Big Ten Network, Newsy, POP, Tennis Channel (listed as No).
        I also get Olympic Channel, Universals Kids (neither are listed).
        I do NOT get Sprout, Universal HD.

        It might also be worth noting which regional sports networks are included. I get Fox Sports Detroit and Fox Sports Detroit Plus. Perhaps Big Ten Network is also considered regional, although I do get SEC which is well out of my region.

        • Good suggestion. I’ll update those. The direct field reports are always going to trump the vendor supplied info.

        • Updated per your findings. I’m still on the fence with adding locallized sports nets, although more regional nets are probably going to be included soon.

          • SuperClete

            I thought it was odd that I had never heard of the Universal Kids channel. It turns out that Sprout has been rebranded as Universal Kids so you can combine those two channels.

          • Good catch! I’ll update it.

  • NCAviator

    Since Sling and DirecTV Now have multiple pricing packages; I would add a line at the top that shows the price of each package that you reference below.

    • Good suggestion. I’m thinking its best implemented as a cell note in one of the header cells. I’ll do a test and you can check it out and give me your thoughts.

    • I’ve added a row for base cost and a note to the DTVNow cell the details the package prices. Check it out and let me know what you think. I’m going to go ahead and add package pricing notes for the other services as well.

  • EdmonDon

    The website lets you specify which channels you watch, and shows you which TV services are the best match. It can include add-ons, and combines services when necessary. Easier to use than the chart!

  • RBear💩🌳🌲🌳🌲

    Sent this to you via email but am including it here for comment as well, a pretty important concern that some might overlook when considering whether or not to cut the cord:

    “Could you include in the comparison chart above, which services, if any, include Dolby 5.1 Audio?”

    • It’s a good suggestion. I’m not aware of any live tv streaming service that currently streams in 5.1 audio.

      • RBear💩🌳🌲🌳🌲

        something you could look into? maybe if it’s “in the works” with some of them?

        • I do know that DTVNow is experimenting with DD5.1 on a few channels. I’ll add any findings in the notes section for each provider.

          • RBear💩🌳🌲🌳🌲

            much appreciated- would be a waste of my Sonos system

          • I’m a fan of Sonos. I’m using a Play 5 for my main TV (no surround yet). I also have a stereo pair of Play 1’s for music and a new Alexa enabled Play “One” in my bedroom.

            Which do you have?

          • RBear💩🌳🌲🌳🌲

            I have the PlayBar (brains), the Sub and 2 Play 1’s as the surrounds- makes for a very nice viewing/listening experience. I’d highly recommend the investment if you’re able.

          • metzker

            I got all Bose

          • I’m really liking this new Play One and its Alexa integration. Much more convenient than having to use the Sonos app. Looking forward to the day I can get a PlayBar. For now, the Play5 I picked up on CL does a pretty decent job as a home theater monitor.

          • RBear💩🌳🌲🌳🌲

            thanks for adding the 5.1 cells- I see where DTV Now is testing some channels but did you find whether or not any of the other services are working on delivering it as well?

          • Users have reported that they are getting 5.1 audio on some channels on the DIRECTV NOW Beta

    • metzker

      Yea no 5.1