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New Device Promises Integration of Antenna, Streaming and DVR

Channel Master takes to Twitter to tease the Stream+ coming in January. Promising to integrate over the air with streaming.

Stream+ Media Player – Coming January 2018

A new device teased today has some exciting potential for cord cutters and those who rely on streaming TV and over the air content. As we have written extensively about, one of the glaring gaps in today’s streaming options is the integration of streaming content with over the air.

The video that was displayed and can be seen above, gives some clues as to the capabilities of the Stream+ device. The remote for the device has a “DVR” button as well as an “App” button, in addition to channel, volume and play/pause controls. The DVR button could indicate a cloud based storage integration or more likely a local USB hard drive.

The video indicates that the device has the following connectivity:

  • Antenna Input
  • USB Port
  • Ethernet Port
  • HDMI Port
  • Optical Audio Port

Dave Zatz has detected that Channel Master’s Stream+ is based on the Technicolor Skipper, a 4K-capable Android TV device that bakes in support for voice navigation and OTA TV capabilities and is also the hardware behind the Sling TV’s AirTV player.

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