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Sonos to Add Alexa Voice Support to its Spotify App

We have learned that Sonos is set to add Alexa Control to its Play: line of speakers, including the extremely popular Play:1, through its Spotify app.

My Sonos Play:1 Stereo Pair Rocks!

Users will also need an Amazon Alexa enabled device to enable voice control of these speakers. According to the report, the updated Sonos app will enable full voice control for Spotify by December 21.

You may remember it was just last month that Sonos announced the Sonos One, its first speaker with integrated microphones for voice control. At the time of the announcement, owners of the Play:1, a speaker that looks nearly identical to the new Sonos one, were hoping for an update to bring voice control to the Play:1.

With this announcement, t looks like our wish is about to be granted.

I’ve owned a pair of Sonos Play:1 speakers – set up as a stereo pair – for a little over a year now and they are hands down the absolute best speakers I’ve ever owned.

However, at virtually the same price, the Sonos One speakers, with the integrated voice assistant and top mounted touch controls, would likely be a better choice if you don’t yet have a set of Sonos speakers. If you do, just pick up an echo dot and you’ll be good to go.

Source: Variety

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  • Note: In the pic above, the shelf is where my left speaker hangs out all the time. I just moved the right speaker there for the pic. They are normally separated across the room which makes for some killer separation during Spotify listening sessions.