Sneak Peek: Inside the DIRECTV NOW DVR Beta Program (Part 2)

Some significant developments! We’ve got the latest screens and new updates!

We have some significant updates on our continuing coverage of the DIRECTV NOW DVR beta program. We have fresh screenshots that reflect the latest updates for DVR beta subscribers. We can also report some significant program changes based on reliable information from our contacts inside the program.

First, we have learned that a new round of invites is being sent out as of yesterday. Of particular significance, these invites are now being sent to non AT&T subscribers. Prior to today, the DVR beta was only open to DIRECTV NOW subscribers who had AT&T wireless or U-verse accounts. This is significant, especially if you are a non AT&T customer who has previously requested to be part of the beta program. Check your inbox and spam folders and let us know if you have received an invite!

Second, we have heard from some users that new DVR beta subscribers are seeing a 20 hour storage allotment as opposed to the 100 hour storage that previous beta customers have been allowed. However, existing beta customers still have 100 hours as indicated by this screenshot from today of the mobile version:

On to the screens…

When watching a recording or a bookmarked show, there are plenty of controls. Currently, the recordings are based on the scheduled air time, and there is no way to extend the time to allow for life events that go over the scheduled time. So if your show or sport goes over, you will miss the end.

There is also the concept of bookmarked and recorded shows in the interface labels, however, we are not certain what the difference is yet. You can bookmark a whole series of a show and set them to record. It also looks like it works like PS Vue in the fact that you can just set it to record every Men’s College Basketball game from one bookmark.

As you can see from the last screen, some recorded programs have disabled the fast forward function. We understand that this is only the case when you activate the rewind feature from a live recording. Developing…

Did you get an invite to the DIRECTV NOW DVR Beta program or you are still waiting? Share your thoughts in the comments below: