New Streaming Service Launches at just $16 for 35 Channels – Meet Philo

At just $16 a month, the Mark Cuban backed startup with the funny name hits the sweet spot as the most affordable live TV streaming service.

Philo TV Live Now Screen

Philo, a new live streaming video service has just launched. Offering a mix of popular entertainment channels, sans sports and locals, Philo is one to watch, literally. Philo is targeted at cord cutters who want an inexpensive live TV package and don’t mind the absence of sports, news or local broadcast channels.

The service costs just $16 a month, making it the least-expensive live streaming service yet,  especially impressive since it also includes a cloud DVR (cough, cough, DIRECTV NOW). Philo is less than half as much as competing services DIRECTV NOW, Sony’s PS Vue, Hulu with Live TV and YouTube.TV.

Philo appears to be squarely aimed at young millenials and in particular Sling TV. Interestingly, Philo has more channels (35) than you might expect for such a low price. Sling TV has about 28 live channels, for example, and YouTube TV has about 40.

Philo Program Details Screen

Roku is the only streaming device currently supported. You can also stream the service from the chrome web browser as well as via chromecast to your TV. There is an iOS app available for iphones and ipads. We expect more device support to follow.

The inexpensive Philo service, paired with an over the air antenna like our top performer, the AntennaCraft HDX1000 would be a great option for cord cutters on a budget.

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