Hulu on the Move: The Current Locals Champion in Streaming TV Announces App Upgrades

Responding to customer feedback, Hulu to update its app with more user friendly features and ability to hide “suggested content”

Hulu at CES in Las Vegas

Hulu is making waves in the highly competitive world of live streaming TV. As announced today, they now reach 17 million subscribers and $1 Billion in revenue in 2017.

To build on this momentum and recent positive media coverage, a soon to be released software update will bring much-anticipated improvements to their app interface including a live TV guide, and the ability to hide features you don’t want and make it easier to get to the content you do.

Not content to rest on their laurels as the current leader in the race to provide local network coverage with nearly 500 locals across the country, in announcing the upcoming functional and user interface improvements to their Live TV streaming service, they are signaling a strong commitment to win the battle even as indications of more competitors in the live TV streaming wars continue to emerge. The app is available available on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, tablets, phones and desktops.

A live TV guide will be a welcome addition. Users have been asking for it since the service debuted last Spring. But the decision to include options allowing a user to bypass or hide the highly intrusive “Suggestions” content will be a very welcome change. The Suggestions feature, a prominent tray of content which fills a users Hulu home screen with thumbnails and promos of Hulu originals, has been a constant source of frustration for users, obscuring the content and watchlist items that they frequently access and forcing them to scroll and pan the interface to get past the “Suggested” content they never watch.

With the update, users will be given a “Stop Suggesting” feature that allows one to permanently switch off a recommendation for shows you don’t care about. StreamBuzz has learned that this feature will have its own button when it goes live, near the “Add to My Stuff” option.

After having subscribed to the Hulu with Live TV service for several months last year, and as a current Hulu SVOD subscriber, I would welcome these changes. The ability to remove the suggestions feature is a huge win in terms of meaningful personalization for end users. Good to know Hulu is listening. Their DVR features still lag behind PSVue’s excellent example, but these changes, along with their continued push to add local networks to the service should continue to put pressure on competitors and reward consumers with useful features.

What are your thoughts on Hulu’s live TV service and in particular, which improvements would you suggest? Share your thoughts in the comments below: