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Hulu Adds More ABC Local Channels for Subscribers

Streambuzz has learned that Hulu has just added ABC affiliates to its service, increasing its lead over its closest rivals DIRECTV NOW, PS Vue, and Youtube.TV.

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In the fiercely competitive world of live streaming TV, Hulu, DIRECTV NOW, Youtube TV, PS Vue and Sling TV are in a pitched battle to bring local network channels to their subscribers. At the moment, Hulu reigns supreme.

Hulu doesn’t release official numbers, but by our count, and with the help of our viewers reports and updates, we have Hulu at well over 300 local channels. Its closest competitor in this regard is DIRECTV NOW at just over 200 and PS Vue running close behind.

Check our constantly updated spreadsheet to see live locals for every service and every city that they serve.

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