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The Remote That Rocks Apple TV!

The Harmony Smart Control Remote is hands down the best remote for the Apple TV.

Harmony Smart Control Remote

This deal is Available Now at This remote works with all models of Apple TV, including Apple TV 4K. Also works for all Roku and Fire TV devices as well as smart TVs and smart devices – even Philips Hue light bulbs!

  • Uses a single coin cell battery (CR2032) that lasts over a year
  • Supports all Apple TV gestures, swipe up, swipe down, swipe left, swipe right
  • Has an app for iOS that works on iPhone, iPad or Android – helpful if you temporarily misplace the remote
  • Small sized control Hub can be hidden behind cabinet (see pic below)
  • Controls TV volume and native menus from ANY room without line of sight
  • Constantly updated software ensures it keeps up with features, apps and devices

I’m using this remote to control my Apple TV 4K and DIRECTV NOW app. The remote has recently been updated for enhanced Apple TV support and now has all swipe gestures covered, including “swipe up” which is used in the DIRECTV NOW app to show the recent channels tray.

Harmony Hub Rocks Out of Sight

To set up the remote for my TV was as easy as opening the Harmony app on my phone and selecting from the menu to choose my TV – I have a 70 inch Vizio LED. The process of adding devices is super simple as well.
Once you have the settings input into the Harmony app on your phone, tablet or computer – they have a Harmony app for whichever you prefer – you just tap the “Sync” button and the settings are automatically transferred to your Harmony hub and remote, wirelessly! Its the simplest and most elegant setup of any device I’ve used.

In my case, I added my Apple TV and the Vizio TV and I was all set.

The two things I love most about this remote is that (1) It works through walls and without having to point it at the TV and (2) The battery life is insane. A single coin cell battery the size of a nickel powers the remote for over a year.

$2 Battery Lasts A Long Time!

This is hands down the best remote you can buy for an Apple TV, especially if you use DIRECTV NOW. I couldn’t be more happy with it and highly recommend it – you will not be dissapointed.

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  • If you are able to get the Black Friday deal on this remote, great! If not, its still the absolute best remote you can get for Apple TV (or any streaming device or TV)

    • Ja Cam

      Can you set up the remote to have the up/down channels button do the right/left side swipes functions to change channels on DirecTV Now? It would be neat to replicate the cable channel changing.

      • Good question. Yes you can. the default behavior though, is that the left and right directional arrows change channels right out of the box when controlling Apple TV and viewing the DIRECTV NOW app.

        • Ja Cam

          I actually found an INTESET universal remote for $25.95 on Amazon. It comes with an Apple TV setting pre programmed, plus you can still program buttons how you like. I was able to set up the channel up/down to mimmick the left/right functions. So I can actually use the channel buttons to change channels in the Directv Now app. It’s much more pleasing to use compared to the constant swiping of the Apple TV remote.

          • Good info. Thanks for sharing. The inteset is a bit bulky for my taste, but that’s a decent price none the less.