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Finally! Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV

After a long wait, Amazon Prime Video app is available today for the Apple TV, here’s how to get it.

Amazon Prime on Apple TV

It’s been a long time coming, Amazon’s Prime Video application is available today for the Apple TV. Apple foreshadowed this day back at WWDC, but had been mostly silent since then and up until today’s release.

Users can now search “Amazon Prime Video” in the Apple TV App Store to find it. Using the Apple TV’s Siri Remote can be a bit tricky to complete the required Amazon sign in process, but you can hold down the Siri button and voice your credentials. Simply say “capital” before any uppercase letters and you can easily speak your info without hassle. Amazon also lets users register their Apple TV on another device, via a browser, if they wish.

Both Apple and Amazon originally said the Prime Video app would come to Apple TV sometime in the summer. After that date came and went with no sign of the app, Apple again acknowledged the impending release at its September event last month, but failed to indicate a specific release date.

Amazon’s Prime Video application allows users to access Amazon’s growing library of movies and TV shows. Amazon, much like Netflix, is ramping up its original content efforts, so its Apple TV application comes as it looks to increase its viewing audience.

Unlike Netflix, The Amazon app is fully integrated into the TV App and has full Siri voice search support.  Our friends over at have compiled an excellent first look intro on the new app.

With this groundbreaking development, long in coming, one has to ask, “How long before Apple TV is back on sale at Amazon?”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has up till now refused to sell Apple’s streaming TV box unless his company’s Prime Video app could be installed. Amazon did list the Apple TV briefly in September after refusing to sell it since 2015.

“We want our player, our Prime Video player, to be on the device, and we want it to be on the device with acceptable business terms, and if you can’t, then we don’t want to sell it to our customers, because they’re going to be buying it thinking they can watch Prime Video and then they’re going to be disappointed. And they’re going to return it.”Jeff Bezos

Ironically, this is the same argument that is fueling the current spat between Google and Amazon. The timing of the release is curious considering that it comes just a day after Google pulled Youtube from Amazon Show devices and announced its intent to do the same for Fire TV devices on January 1. Did Google’s move force Amazon’s hand?

Have you had a chance to check out the Amazon Prime app on Apple TV? Share your thoughts in the comments below:

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