Pretty, Pretty, Penny! DirecTV Set to Raise Prices for its Satellite Customers

Could this be a timed move to push more users over to DIRECTV NOW?

I can’t believe you expect me to pay for this!

This week we learned that DIRECTV NOW had achieved the major milestone of 1 million subscribers. Just on the heels of that announcement, and perhaps not coincidentally, we have learned that AT&T’s traditional Pay TV satellite service, Directv, will be raising prices beginning January 2018.

As first spotted by Philip Swan at the satellite service will raise prices on most programming packages for existing customers by $2 a month to $8 a month as well as hike the Regional Sports Channel fee in select markets AT&T has revealed in a notice posted at its web site.

“Due to higher costs of programming, the monthly rate for the below services will increase on January 21, 2018, and the changes will appear in billing statements starting on that date,”AT&T Spokesperson

It is expected that the continued price hikes that traditional Pay TV providers have consistently had to foist on their subscribers will likely drive more people to services like AT&T’s own DIRECTV NOW, which offers a handful of plans from $35 a month to $70 a month, considerably lower and more affordable without the burden of long term contracts or the need of equipment rentals.