DIRECTV NOW Reaches 1 Million Subscribers

Announces upcoming cloud DVR, 4K, “download-and-go” and more simultaneous streams.


AT&T announced on Tuesday that more than 1 million consumers have subscribed to DIRECTV NOW, which offers a mix of live television channels and on-demand content over the internet to your phone, tablet and streaming devices.

Most importantly, as part of the announcement, AT&T confirmed further improvements to the service (which we expect to launch in early 2018) including a digital video recorder in the cloud, more concurrent streams and the ability to download shows and 4K and HD video.

We’re putting some finishing touches on more features in beta testing that we plan to roll out on our next generation video platform over the coming months. These include a DVR in the cloud to record shows and access virtually anywhere, 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) quality video, capacity for more than 35,000 on demand titles, individual profiles and an even better user experience. John Stephens – AT&T

The achievement of amassing 1 million subscribers is an important benchmark for any OTT video service, particularly considering the rough start that marked the service’s debut last November and early hiccups through the spring of this year.

Despite the gains, DIRECTV NOW still trails Sling TV, which has just over 2 million subscribers since launching in February of 2015. It is expected that the addition of a cloud DVR, a feature that all of its competitors have, as well as the continued rollout of local channels, should accelerate the migration of customers from its satellite and traditional Pay TV platforms over to DIRECTV NOW.

  • Loren Kruse

    KUDOS to your million subscriber milestone!

  • Cableguy

    Sounds great. Also sounds like a price increase?

    • Count on it – they are touting these enhancements on wall street analyst calls, they are being positioned as revenue drivers.

      They have not stated publicly but I would expect the first 20 hours of Cloud DVR to be included in your existing package, and you can pay extra for more hours (a usable DVR probably requires at least 50 hours). You can also expect to pay more for additional streams.