Sneak Peek: Inside DIRECTV NOW DVR Beta Program (Part 1)

The DIRECTV NOW Beta DVR program is by invitation only. Didn’t get an invite? We have the next best thing. Ride along with us in this multi-part series as we take you inside the “True Cloud DVR”

This is the first in a series in which we will be going inside the DIRECTV NOW “True Cloud DVR” Beta Program. While we are patiently waiting for the DIRECTV NOW “True Cloud DVR” to materialize, we will be bringing you the latest information and updates from our sources who are currently testing the Beta DVR.

The screenshots indicate that the program guide is being updated to include thumbnail images for each program, activated automatically when the user scrolls over the program:

When pausing live content that is being recorded, there is tray of content that appears to show upcoming programs and allow recordings without leaving the screen:

When a live program’s detail screen is accessed, users have the ability to “Watch Now”, “Add to Watchlist” and “Record”:

The “Settings” screen includes options for sending feedback as well as logging information:

Here is the feedback we received from this particular beta tester:

Overall, I am content with the beta so far. It has streamed just as reliably as the production app when they weren’t officially having issues. I streamed Season 8, Episode 2 of the Walking Dead with no issues during its premiere.

One weird change made was how you access the Guide. The swipe down gesture no longer does anything and the Guide is only accessible through the swipe up menu. Interestingly, there are two Guide buttons, one on the right and one on the far left. They do the same thing.

So, as is expected, the beta programmers are working through some A/B testing with the user interface and there are still issues left to iron out. However, things are progressing:

For example, we started receiving emails yesterday from Beta subscribers that DIRECTV NOW has just added the ability to record series. Prior to this, only individual shows could be recorded. Here is the message that is being sent to Beta testers:

“We have great news! With the new build version for iOS and tvOS you can now record all your favorite fall series with one simple click! We know this is a feature you’ve been waiting to test for some time, so have at it – record away!”

As we previously reported, we expect the DVR functionality to be available to subscribers sometime in the early part of 2018.

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