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DIRECTV NOW “True Cloud DVR” – New Details Emerge

CFO John Stephens announces “Directv Now 2.0” will include Cloud DVR, 4k, HDR and more.

DIRECTV NOW “True Cloud DVR” Beta

Streambuzz has learned that DIRECTV NOW‘s long anticipated “True Cloud DVR” will not be released this year as previously expected. Instead, officials expect it to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2018, along with a dedicated 4K streaming box and a unified user interface that will be shared between satellite, cable and streaming customers.

The rollout is part of what is being called the “Next-Generation Software Platform“, or “DIRECTV NOW 2.0” for short.

This is the name that AT&T is using to describe a major upgrade to its DIRECTV NOW streaming TV service, and improvements will likely include a streamlined user interface, support for pay-per-view events, cloud DVR service and the ability for customers to conduct multiple, simultaneous video streams.

And, for those who wonder whether or not the “True Cloud DVR” will be included at no additional cost?

According to AT&T’s CFO, John Stephens, the key driver for the upgrade is that it will allow AT&T to make more money from DIRECTV NOW.

“When we come out with the new platform early in 2018, think about being able to provide features like cloud DVR, additional streams. And with all those opportunities go additional opportunities to raise revenues, and revenues that customers would be willing to pay for and improve the quality of the service” – AT&T CFO John Stephens

What would you be willing to pay for “True Cloud DVR” on DIRECTV NOW?

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Source: Seeking Alpha

Pro Tip – Did you know that you can rewind live TV on DIRECTV NOW? Its a feature that’s only available on the browser version of the service. To rewind in 10 second increments, hold the SHIFT key and press the left < or right > key to rewind and advance, up to 2 minutes from the live stream.

  • Damn shame they can’t speed this up. We’ve been expecting a cloud dvr since the service was rolled out last November. The speculation then was that it would need to arrive before the 3 month pre-pay contracts were set to expire, in order to keep people subscribed. It didn’t happen and lots of folks bolted, at least those that weren’t swayed by the free HBO promotion.