DIRECTV NOW Cloud DVR Beta Updated. Here’s What’s New…

The latest beta release appears to be inching closer to a final product. We have the latest screens and user impressions


Over the weekend, DIRECTV NOW updated the app for their Beta DVR program. According to the reports we have received from beta insiders, the overall impression of the updates included in this release (Build 400) are positive. Here are the takeways:

  • Faster channel changing – for those that like to use the Siri remote to change channels (I don’t)
  • The program guide appears to load faster and browsing the guide is more responsive for a majority of users – however, we have heard from a small segment of users who say the opposite
  • Some users indicated that the guide preference – favorites vs all channels – is still not remembered between browsing sessions – it works correctly on the non beta version of the app
  • Less network errors – overall users are indicating that the errors that have plagued the app in previous builds appear to be resolved
  • Unlimited streams bug is fixed – the 2 stream limit is now enforced
  • Apple TV vs Apple TV 4K – as expected users on ATV 4K hardware are indicating that performance appears to be optimized for the device. Noticeable performance increase when using the 4K Apple TV vs the previous generation

Here’s a screen that reveals the new program guide tray on iPad devices:

DIRECTV NOW Program Guide on Ipads

What are your impressions of DIRECTV NOW’s progress at this point? Share your thoughts in the comments below: