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Cord Cutter Nation: Tulsa is More than OK for Streamers!

Streaming on Tulsa Time: Tulsans seeking to ditch cable & satellite without sacrificing access to local TV networks can now choose from DIRECTV NOW, YouTube TV, and Hulu with Live TV

Tulsa Local Television Networks

Last week, in our first installment of “Cord Cutter Nation”, we highlighted streaming TV options in Lexington, Kentucky. This week, we hit the road and head 700 miles west to the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tulsa is situated on the Arkansas River at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in northeast Oklahoma, a region of the state known as “Green Country”. Considered the cultural and arts center of Oklahoma, Tulsa has been called one of America’s most livable large cities by Forbes magazine.

In addition to those well-deserved accolades, despite being just the 58th largest media market in the US with a little over 531,000 TV homes, Tulsan’s can now lay claim to a wealth of cord-cutting options to help save money from high cable and satellite bills.

Editor’s Note:  The “Cord Cutter Nation” series spotlights live streaming and cord cutting options available to residents of emerging media markets across the country.

Here’s a snapshot from our Streaming TV Locals Comparison Chart to help illustrate the local networks that are now available to residents of Tulsa from DIRECTV NOW, YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV (click the graphic to see the full chart):

Streaming Locals in Tulsa, OK. Click to view the full listing

Of course, Tulsan cord cutters using an HDTV antenna, depending on location and path to the TV towers, may receive local TV programming for free over the air. However, that’s not always an option for residents – especially those that live in suburban areas beyond the reach, or with obstructed paths to the TV towers in a given market. It will be much easier once ATSC 3.0 arrives, but that’s at least a year or two away.

Now, thanks to streaming TV, residents have the option to receive that same programming conveniently over the internet on TVs, phones, tablets and streaming devices, complete with built in DVR functionality in the case of YouTube TV and Hulu Live and coming soon to DIRECTV NOW with its upcoming “Cloud DVR” release.

For example, Tulsa residents who subscribe to AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW or Google’s new YouTube TV, in addition to the included news, sports and entertainment channels those services include, can also receive the following local network stations that are now live and available for streaming over the internet to supported devices* as well as browsers, smart phones and tablets:

Tulsans who subscribe to Hulu with Live TV, can now access – and record via Cloud DVR – all major local networks except the local ABC affiliate station KTUL 8. We have reached out to the station to find out when you can expect to get live access to ABC on Hulu Live and we will update when we have definitive information to report.

* DIRECTV NOW and Hulu with live TV are available on most popular devices including Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV . Youtube with Live TV,  is available via Web Browser, Chromecast and Apple AirPlay with additional device support coming soon.

Are you a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma or surrounding area? If so, have you cut the cord are considering doing so? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know your experience with cutting the cord in Lexington:

  • Aaron Dugger

    I live in the Tulsa area and my wife and I cut the cord several years ago. Currently we pay for Hulu Live though we’ve tried YouTubeTV, DirecTV Now, and Playstation Vue as alternatives to cable. Even though YTTV and DTV Now have all 4 of the main locals live we are staying with Hulu right now for several reason but chiefly among them is availability of the service across a range of platforms (We use Roku, Xbox, Chromecast, and Android in our house for various devices) and the majority of the stuff we watch is DVR’d/On Demand so we don’t notice that ABC isn’t live just yet on that service.

    • Thanks for the feedback Aaron. Hulu live is a solid product. Now that they are set to address some much needed UI enhancements with yesterday’s announcement that they plan to add a grid guide and allow suppression of “Suggestions” content, the only knock I have on them is the DVR is much more restrictive than it needs to be, especially when compared to PSVue, which is my favorite cloud DVR.
      Like you and your wife, we’ve used all of the major services at one time or another. I’m currently subscribed to Hulu on demand and DTVNow.

      • Aaron Dugger

        Hulu’s DVR isn’t restricted in any way really that I can think of except that it’s difficult to get to. If you click on a show you watch from anywhere in the UI it plays the On Demand version of that show so you rarely ever use the actual DVR from Hulu. You have to do quite a bit of digging in the Hulu interface to get to a list of your stuff that’s actually on the DVR if you prefer to watch it that way. I don’t like Hulu Live’s guide that is currently available on the web interface and I think that’s the plan is to bring that or something similar to the apps. It doesn’t go far enough into the future for my liking.

        Overall if I had to pick my favorite service from a ease of use standpoint I’d say it’s DirecTV Now though without DVR right now it’s not even an option for us because their On Demand (which I’d be fine as a DVR substitute) is horrible. Half the shows on a network aren’t available On Demand and the ones that are seem to be random on whether they show up 24 hours after airing or the following week, it’s just a mess trying to rely on that. I know DTVNow has DVR in beta for several platforms and I think they have an opportunity to be the best once that’s available if they don’t hike the price $10-15 for use of the DVR.

        • Its been several months since I last used Hulu Live but what I recall is the near constant “This part of the video cannot be played” when attempting to fast forward through recorded content.

          By contrast, PSVue’s cloud DVR, which is what I was using before Hulu Live, was much more flexible. The only issue I found with it, and it was a near show stopper, was the lack of thumbnail previews while scrubbing through recordings. Hulu does that much better.

          I have the DTVNow beta and I’ve reported on it here a few times. Its not ready for prime time by a long shot at the moment. Hopefully they can get the issues sorted out. I’ve submitted several feedback reports since I’ve had it and anxiously await improvements with each build they send my way.

  • RBear💩🌳🌲🌳🌲

    From the Tulsa area as well and appreciate the feedback as I am nearing the decision to cut the cord- “nearing” being the tricky word.

    I think the only thing(s) holding me back at the moment are deciding which product/service to go with before I make the call to cancel my current DTV service. As Scott has mentioned before, and apparently will again in another product review to come, there are a lot of options out there and finding one that best suits your needs is worth the homework/research necessary.

    Personally, I like the AppleTV UI and would prefer to stick with the Apps it offers. So, finding a service that is compatible is probably my first pre-requisite. The second would be local channel availability as well as DVR capability. And, as I’ve mentioned previously, the ability to pass quality audio, specifically DD 5.1, is a huge concern of mine and I know many streaming services do not currently address this but hopefully have plans to. So, finding a product/service that addresses these is what I am currently evaluating.

    The WatchAir antenna that Scott is going to review soon is what I am most intrigued with at the moment as it offers local channels (wireless and a claimed 60 mile range) and DVR functionality- but, the DVR functionality probably doesn’t carry over to any additional streaming service(s) that I add and that could be a concern. I look forward to Scott’s review of this product as it will tell me which direction I’ll be looking to go- hopefully he goes into the UI of it, on what platforms it is available and how well the HW/SW function and the limitations of the DVR.

    There’s a lot to consider before cutting the cord and I’m glad sites like this exist for us to make better informed decisions.