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Cord Cutter Nation: Lexington, Kentucky. Slam Dunk 4 Streamers

Residents of Lexington, KY have some impressive options for cutting the cord. We take a closer look at what’s on in the home of Big Blue Nation

Lexington, KY Local TV Network Stations
Lexington, KY Local Networks

When you think of Lexington Kentucky, you probably think of basketball championships and world class horses, and rightly so. However, Lexington is now a city on the move in the world of live streaming TV.

The city that’s home to the perennial powerhouse Kentucky Wildcats basketball team and proclaimed as “The Horse Capital of the World” can now lay claim to a wealth of cord-cutting options to help save money from high cable and satellite bills.

Editor’s Note: This is the first in our “Cord Cutter Nation” series where we take an in-depth look at cord cutting options available to residents of unique and interesting media markets across the country.

Just a few short weeks ago, practically overnight, all four of Lexington’s major local TV networks became available on DIRECTV NOW and three of the four became available on Hulu with Live TV.

Streaming Locals in Lexington
Streaming Locals in Lexington – Click to view the full listing

This is an impressive feat considering that Lexington is ranked as the 63rd largest media market in the country, according to its designated market area (DMA) ranking. Regardless of market size, It’s definitely great news for area residents who want to save money and cut the cord!

For Lexington residents who subscribe to AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW streaming TV service, in addition to the included news, sports and entertainment channels the service includes, the following local network stations are now live and available for streaming over the internet to connected devices such as the Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV as well as browsers, smart phones and tablets:

For Lexington residents who subscribe to Hulu with Live TV, you can now access all of those stations except the local NBC affiliate station WLEX 18. We have reached out to the station to find out when you can expect to get live access to NBC on Hulu Live as well as other services and we will update when we have definitive information to report.

UPDATE: WLEX 18 President and General Manager Pat Dalbey has reached out to us to confirm that the station owner, Cordillera Television, has completed a group deal with Hulu that includes WLEX 18. Hulu has not confirmed when the launch date will be:

“Hulu has not told us when the launch dates will be as it is totally up to them depending on factors such as demand, band width speed, etc. We are hopeful that our launch on the Hulu system will be sometime this spring or summer but it’s just conjecture on our part. DirecTV Now and Youtube both have agreements with us and have already, or soon will, launch on their systems” Pat Dalbey – President & General Manager at WLEX-TV

Are you a resident of Lexington or the surrounding area? If so, have you cut the cord are considering doing so? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know your experience with cutting the cord in Lexington:

  • Hey Lexington. Love to hear from you guys. If you are a Hulu or DIRECTV NOW subscriber or just looking to cut the cord and need some help, feel free to ask a question, leave a thought or share a comment.

    • rainaelf

      We have just basic tv service, but I’m convinced we don’t even need that. I mostly use our tv for streaming – it’s a “dumb” flatscreen, and I have a Chromecast connected to it.

      • Cool. So you have cable or satellite? Are you considering switching to Hulu or DTVNow?

        • rainaelf

          Hey Scott! We have very basic cable – a whole whopping 20 channels. I’m buying a house next summer and will also purchase our first smart-tv. We’ll go from there, I guess, about streaming services. Right now, we use Netflix and YouTube.

          • When you get ready to buy a smart TV, be sure to check out TCL models with Roku built in. Best I’ve ever reviewed. Have one hanging on my master br wall. Highly recommend. I have a review here on the P series. C series on my wall.

          • rainaelf

            too cool! thanks!