Cord Cutter Security Alert! Researchers Discover WiFi Vulnerability Affecting Basically Every Device On Earth

Basically, if you can read this story, congratulations — you’re almost certainly affected.

Well, there’s cheerful news to start off the week: Researchers have discovered and disclosed a massive WiFi vulnerability that puts everyone’s private data at risk. How massive?

The researchers, based out of the University of Leuven in Belgium, have given this WiFi flaw the catchy name of “Krack Attack.”

Is there anything I can do?

There’s nothing that individuals can do; changing your WiFi password or using a different device won’t help, since the flaw is embedded deep in the very basis of your internet connection.

But there is good news: This flaw is patchable.

Device manufacturers were all notified about the flaw before it was made public, and are working on updates to fix this particular danger. The best thing any home user can do is install security updates as soon as your devices prompt you to, and make sure you keep any computer, phone, or connected device as up-to-date as the manufacturer allows.