“Channels”, The Best OTA Streaming App on Apple TV, Now Available on Fire TV & Android TV

Best in class app that let’s you watch, pause, rewind and record local over-the-air TV grows its audience…

“Channels” – Wireless OTA Streaming Done Right

For those of you who have followed this site over the last year, you know that I have high praise for the excellent¬†Channels app on Apple TV.¬†Until now, you had to have an Apple TV in order to use it. However, that’s no longer the case.

Fancy Bits LLC, the talented development team behind the “Channels” app for Apple TV, has just announced that you can now “watch, pause and rewind live TV” from your over-the-air TV antenna on your Fire TV and Android TV with the release of Channels apps for these platforms.

Channels + HDHomeRun for Over-the-Air Perfection

To use Channels, in addition to having one of the supported streaming devices mentioned above, you’ll need an HDHomeRun and an HD antenna like our top pick HDX1000 from AntennaCraft.

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Channels for Apple TV, Fire TV and Android TV – How it Works

The Channels app allows you to bring your live local over-the-air television stations into your streaming device via a best in class user interface. On the Apple TV, the app has been enabled with “Top Shelf” functionality that allows you to see what’s on your local networks without leaving the Apple TV home screen. You can also pause live TV for up to 90 minutes. Transport controls are top notch and rival what you are used to on a traditional cable or satellite DVR.

Are you using the Channels app on any of the supported platforms? Share your thoughts in the comments below:

  • Karl Childers

    I’ve been using Channels on the Apple TV since I cut the cord over a year ago. The app is very well done. My only wish is that you could view the guide without having to exit live TV but the drop down menu does show your favorite channels and that is nice.

    For some reason manufacturers of streaming devices seem to mostly ignore OTA and this is an area where Apple could have made the Apple TV stand out when they were developing the latest model. Purchasing Channels and incorporating the functionality into the TV App would have certainly been a step in the right direction but it looks like that ship has sailed. Regardless, it’s great to see that folks who own the Fire TV and Android can enjoy the app now!

    • Speaking my language. I have said on here a few times that it would be a game changer for Apple to aquire HDHomeRun and integrate the technology into the ATV. With Channels + HDHR, we have essentially that with exception of the TVApp integration. I had asked the Channels dev team the question long ago, about integrating with the TVApp and they are ready and waiting if Apple ever decides to open it up to apps like theirs.

      I believe 2018 may be the year that OTA tuners begin to get some love. The Fire TV Edition and TCL Roku TVs have already proven the concept of OTA integration into a seemless app experience. The Channel Master Stream+, which I’ve covered here, is the first all-in-one streaming box to attempt the same level of integration as Roku & Fire TV editions have done.

      The upside for Apple TV users is that the TV App still has much untapped potential – it will continue to get better and better but OTA and live streaming content (DTVNow, YTTV, Vue, etc) is its current blind spot.