You May Soon Be Able to Return Amazon Purchases at Kohls

Amazon looks to increase its distribution footprint.

StreamBuzz can now report that Amazon and Kohl’s are testing a partnership in a few markets that allow Amazon customer returns to be taken to Kohl’s department stores for refunds. So, for those customers who are wary of packing and dropping off returns at UPS stores, you will soon be able to take your returns to Kohls – that is, once this program is rolled out nationwide.

We expect that one of the compelling reasons consumers may want to try this is that the returned items should initiate an instant credit to your Amazon account, something that is not always possible with UPS drop-off. This alone may be compelling enough for folks to take advantage of the program.

Additionally, Kohls will be setting up mini store displays within their stores to allow consumers to do things like try the latest and greatest Amazon products like Amazon Kindle Oasis E-readers, Fire TVs, Echo Dots and the like.

Kohl’s is banking on the fact that the extra foot traffic in stores will spur sales of its core apparel business. Amazon gets to increase its distribution footprint.

Source: Recode

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