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StreamBuzz is a website dedicated to bringing the latest news and information to consumers of streaming services and products. We provide original editorial content based on extensive market research and experience. We conduct product reviews on streaming services and devices to help consumers make informed choices and get the most value for their cord cutting dollar. We create original editorial content on the latest developments in the world of streaming media and hardware.

Editorial Staff

Scott Blanchard – Editor in chief

Scott Blanchard: Editor-in-chief
Scott became a cord-cutter after a 14 year stint with DIRECTV. He started StreamBuzz to share news, tips and techniques to the cord cutting community and help others get rid of high cable and satellite bills.

Scott has a background in web software publishing with clients worldwide including Active International, Acuitec, One America, QuiNovas to name a few. Scott’s software is in use in over 65,000 websites worldwide in over 30 countries.

Reach Scott directly at: editor@streambuzz.net


Bob Barker – Technical Editor

Bob Barker: Technical Editor
Bob is responsible has a wide range of responsibilities with respect to the content produced on our site and insuring technical accuracy of the facts and figures used in our stories. Bob is instrumental in the research that goes into our reviews and editorial.

Bob’s background is in advertising, copywriting and business marketing. After several years in broadcast, print and advertising, Bob Barker was convinced that with a famous name, ever-changing technology (and some luck), he could provide quality advertising services in a more streamlined, cost-effective manner than the traditional advertising agency.

Reach Bob directly at: bob.barker@streambuzz.net

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