Report: Get Ready for “Unlimited Data” with 5G – Sooner Than Expected

Consumers may be able to enjoy the “Unlimited Data” of 5G Networks – sooner than expected.

The infrastructure necessary for 5G was not expected to be ready until sometime in 2020, however, it appears that the next generation networks will be available a year ahead of schedule, as early as 2019.

5G is definitely faster than the current 4G system – upwards of 10 times faster than the fastest 4G networks, speed that will definitely be needed as higher density 4K and HDR content becomes widely available. However, perhaps even more impactful than speed, will be the unlimited bandwidth available to wireless users.

“Once 5G arrives on a nationwide basis, there is so much bandwidth available that we will have pretty much unlimited access to data,” predicted Forrester analyst Dan Bieler.

5G stands for fifth-generation network technology, and it has the capacity to radically transform the way we consume data. Here is a brief summary of this history of wireless networks:

  • 2G came on the scene in the 1990s and was mostly used for text transfer
  • 3G allowed photo transfer and sharing
  • 4G ushered in the age of video streaming
  • 5G With speeds 10X faster than 4G, will enable new technologies like augmented reality, allow self-driving cars to communicate with one another and link to the network everything from pollution sensors to health monitors.

Source: CBS News

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