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Apple TV 4K – New for $0 For From DIRECTV NOW!

This is currently the least expensive way to get a 4K Apple TV. The deal is active now while they last. Here’s how to get it:

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Get the new Apple TV 4K for $0

While they last, DIRECTV NOW is currently offering a brand new 4K Apple TV (works with 4K and non 4K TVs) at no cost when you prepay for 4 months of their Live TV streaming package (which is currently one of the best values among all services). Your total cost is $140 for the DIRECTV NOW Apple TV and you can cancel the service at any time and still keep the 4K Apple TV. The 4K Apple TV normally sells for $179 without this deal.

To get the deal, click here > Get a 4K Apple TV (32 GB) for $0 with 4-month prepay of DIRECTV NOW to go to the signup page and enter your email address as indicated.

Next, choose your plan (can be any plan). Next choose extras like HBO, Showtime, etc or you can do it later if desired, or not, then click next. Finally, choose the option for the 4K Apple TV as you see in the shot below, and click next to checkout.

DIRECTV NOW Apple TV 4K for $0 while they last

Eligibility and Requirements for the Directv Now Apple TV:

  • Prepay first 4 months of DIRECTV NOW service at full price via credit card or PayPal. You can cancel immediately and enjoy the service for 4 months. The DIRECTV NOW Apple TV 4K is yours to keep regardless.
  • Online orders will be shipped via FedEx ground; allow up to 3 weeks for delivery (most users are reporting they are receiving it within 3-5 days)
  • Internet access is needed in order to use DIRECTV NOW or the devices

Did you get your DIRECTV NOW Apple TV 4K already? Hit the comments below and let us know what you think:

  • I’ve confirmed with DIRECTV NOW that this deal is still active. The cost of 4 months of DIRECTV NOW service at $35 per month is $140. The retail cost of a new Apple TV 4K is $179. So, if you never even use the DIRECTV NOW service, you are getting Black Friday deal on an Apple TV 4K at a $40 discount. If you DO use the service, as I do daily, its THE no-brainer deal of the year for cord cutters.

    • JD Campbell

      Can this be combined with the $25 off first month discount for new customers? UPDATE: Nevermind…just read it’s not stackable w/ device offers.

      • Hi JD, no. The offers are not stackable, unfortunately. Still a very sweet deal though. I’m watching mine as I write this.